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From the Citizens of Rome to the Virco Civitas

romanrepublicDuring the heights of the Roman Republic, a collection of citizens were once referred to as the cives, or civitas. Of course, most of the Latin or Greek words that were used in the ancient world have either been forgotten or modified with the evolution of modern language. What we do know about the civitas, to this day, is that they were treated as a large body of equals, all sharing a similar goal of long term unity. So it should come as no surprise that Virco, the foremost leader in school furniture, chose to name one of their best products by the name of Civitas.

The Virco Civitas Series was designed to be the next generation of classroom seating. And specifically, the Virco CZ18 gives flexible ergonomic support while also displaying a classic style. This model is a four-legged option that can stack 4 high. Ideal for high schools and cafeteria venues, the Virco CZ18 is currently on sale with an incredibly low price.

Originally, these chairs retailed at $126 a piece. Right now, is offering the Civitas CZ18 at the absurdly low price of $37.36. Seize the moment and provide your students with ergonomically innovative seating today.

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