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Raising the Bar on Kindergarten Teachers and Students

kindergartenTeaching Kindergarten is no day at the park. Not only are these teachers responsible for one of the most crucial phases of a child’s early development, but they must manage the unrefined social behavior of twenty or more students. Unless these children have already attended Preschool, many of them will arrive in Kindergarten without knowing exactly what is expected from them in a social environment. And over the last several years, while children have not necessarily changed all that much, the standards that they are held to has been raised over and over. This, of course, poses a great challenge on professional teachers who will always benefit from added support.

Virco has been focused on school furniture and classroom furniture for more than three decades. Their newest product, useful to Kindergarten and First Grade classrooms, is the Extra Large Soft Plastic Seat. This ergonomic chair is only 18 inches tall and comes from the Virco 2018EL Series. As a stackable chair with concealed rivets, the Extra Large Soft Plastic Seat comes with maximum color selections.

When it comes to early childhood development, Virco seating doesn’t stop with the 2018EL Series. Virco pushes the envelope with their 9000 Series Soft Plastic Preschool Chairs, the 2000 Series Rivetless Soft Plastic Preschool Chairs, the Virco Metaphor Series Preschool Chairs, and much, much more. Virco makes the products and we sell them to you at the best price on the market.

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