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Students Becoming Teachers in the Classroom

kyprogramPushing young students to excel can be a serious challenge for teachers. But for those teenagers who work at Thelma B. Johnson Early Learning Center in Kentucky, not only are they exceeding expectations, they’re learning to become educators and professionals. The program is designed to give approximately 30 high school seniors a chance to teach preschool and elementary students, a rich experience that allows them to value their important role in the success of the next generation while earning certifications and college credits.

As the Learning Center expands to host more student teachers, more emphasis will be placed on the difference between age levels, so that there is a more thorough understanding of how children at various grade levels behave and mature.

Those already in the professional world of education are acutely aware of these differences, but they aren’t alone. The designers, manufacturers, and distributors of school furniture have long been investigating these distinctions, hoping to provide the most sturdy products to match appropriate age groups. Virco, Diversified Woodcrafts, Georgia Chair Company, and Russwood have usually been at the top of the list of furniture innovators.

Consider these Oakwood Tables from Georgia Chair Company. These solid oak classroom tables were made to withstand the quick and abrupt movements of small children throughout a long day. The top is 13/16″ thick with high-pressure laminate and a backer sheet to protect the bottom of the table. The edge is a T-Band that matches the laminate on the tabletop. The apron is 2 �” solid oak, rounded edge, with a heavy gauge steel corner block. The legs are 2″ square, with eased edges.

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