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Virco Turns Your Students into Jr. Executives

juniorexecutiveGiving students a sense of ownership over their belongings and their space is a great idea, but not always easy in practice. We want our kids to feel empowered, but still respectful of the authorities placed over their supervision. To manage our own natural apprehensions, we must gradually provide our teenage students with the type of classroom furniture that will demonstrate that they are no longer children, but that they are showing elements of maturity.

Virco 765 Junior Executive Desks are a perfect start. These amazing desks have a welded steel frame, a book box, and a molded modesty panel with a laminated plastic writing surface. The lower chrome legs can adjust from 22 inches to 30 inches, which actually makes this desk ideal for almost any age. Top surface is spacious with room for books, notes and even a laptop. This popular Virco product combines a large work surface with ample storage capacity. A tubular steel frame and metal book box support a spacious 20″ x 34″ top.

Everywhere from Amazon to Office Depot, these executive desks are nearly $100. We’ve thoroughly analyzed the market and now offer the best price around. Order more than 217 desks and you’ll receive each of them for $85.40.

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