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Invest in the Virco Core-a-Gator

alligatorWe admit it. Core-a-Gator sounds like a tool for dealing with alligators in the Everglades. And while that probably seems incredibly interesting, we’d like to believe that the actual Virco Core-a-Gator is much more useful in the world of school furniture.

A number of years ago, Virco introduced a lightweight folding table to the furniture market, called the Core-a-Gator, and within months, they were fielding product calls from all over the United States. Virco essentially patented an extruded aluminum frame that ultimately gives it superiority compared with other, similar tables that depend on the inflexibility of wood inserts and block frames. By using an aluminum frame, the finished product became much tougher and more durable, allowing users to shape and transform the table from a standing position to a storage unit.

One manufacturer has described the Core-a-Gator by saying that the “frame delivers full perimeter reinforcement, enabling round shapes to perform as well or better than rectangular tables, a claim no other manufacturer can make.”

And what we’ve known for almost twenty years is that Virco consistently tops the competition when it comes to the manufacture of classroom and school furniture. The Core-a-Gator Table is a great example of high-quality, durable furniture that almost demands consideration. We’ve drastically lowered our price from $864 to $284. You simply can’t overlook the product or the price if you’re looking to set a standard for your school. Talk to us today.

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