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Charles Perry and the Virco Virtuoso Series

charlesperryTo say that Charles Perry was an innovative chair designer would be a testament of his great skill, but it would ultimately downplay such a grand career that spanned well beyond the ergonomics of modern furniture. Perry was born at the beginning of the Great Depression, yet grew into one of the most intuitive sculptors, designers, and architects of the 20th Century. Proponents of Perry’s work have used the terms “elegance” and “mathematically complex,” when glorifying the quality and uniqueness of his craft.

For example, one of his most remarkable works of sculpture is the Eclipse (shown to the right). The Eclipse is a gold sphere in the shape of a pentagonal dodecahedron. Each of the five faces have an outward spiral containing almost 1,500 glossy golden aluminum tubes. Perry, who died in 2011, was always known for believing that the work should speak for itself and require little explanation. So it should come as no surprise that a furniture titan like Virco would come alongside of such a remarkable designer and serve as the leading manufacturer of any product he puts on the market.

One such product is the Virco 2945TA Chair Desk, representing the Virco Virtuoso Series. These chairs have a sled base and a tablet arm. Each seat features patented articulating back technology and maximum color selections for a classroom furniture environment with plenty of variety. The previously mentioned “articulating back” works in harmony with your body to provide enhanced seating comfort. If you’re an administrator serving the needs of an entire school, then will provide a tremendous discount on large orders of the Virco 2945TA Chair Desk.

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