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Monthly Archives: March 2013

Staying Current with Libraries and Media Centers

At this point, we all know that the library doesn’t necessarily serve the purpose it once did. Many of the low income households in a community do not have a computer, so they turn to their nearest library for help with resumes and interview preparaitons. Others go to a library to read the morning newspapers […]

Finding a New Home for the Wardrobe

C. S. Lewis was undoubtedly the first person to make the “wardrobe” into one of the most intriguing pieces of furniture in the house (The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe). But with almost every house today having its own storage closet, entry way closet, and walk in closet, the classic wardrobe seems to be […]

Using Classroom Furniture to Store those Controversial Laptops

Let’s just say the debate over students using laptops in the classroom is still a hot topic in every school from elementary to middle school to high school and even through college. Put yourself in the shoes of a college professor speaking to roughly 30 undergraduates: 15 of them are on a laptop and the […]

Classroom Walls, Student Work, and Vinyl Tackboards

Throughout the year, elementary principals often wander from classroom to classroom, observing the behavior of each child, the methods of every teacher, and the arrangement of all classroom furniture. Primarily, these principals are hoping to see strengths that can be praised and weaknesses that can be improved across the board. But there’s one other thing […]

Managing the Furniture of a School Auditorium

Basketball games. Prom. Graduation. Chances are, the staff and teachers of your school have their hands full when it comes to managing the furniture of the auditorium. Someone has to move the chairs and tables for the Thursday night science fair, but then that same crew has to stick around to set up for the […]

Think Balance when you Think Geometric Zuma Desks by Virco

Around this time of year, the main subject for elementary school math teachers is geometry. Students have, by this point, covered their areas of calculation (multiplication, division, addition, subtraction) and are ready to see where those hard-earned math skills are most useful. Geometry at their age means understanding shapes, angles, area, and three dimensional objects. […]

Celebrating the Arts with Virco

Earlier this month, Paloma Elementary School (San Diego) enjoyed an entire day of painting, crafts, word games, dance, and other creative activities as part of their Celebrate the Arts Day, which they hold every two years. With so much focus on testing and academic standards, the students of Paloma were deeply enriched and widely inspired […]

Teaching from the Desk

When we typically think of teaching, we like to imagine the most animated of teachers moving around the room and interacting with students all the time. Certainly this is true of many teachers, but there are others who are just as effective at educating without moving much beyond the front part of their classroom. Consider […]

Award-Winning IQ Series is Greenguard Certified

More than ten years have passed since Virco introduced their I.Q. Furniture line to the school furniture market. Ideally created to diversify and compliment every learning environment from colleges and universities to K-12 schools and day cares, the durability, distinctiveness, and design integrity have set the bar of ergonomic importance incredibly high for all other […]

Prepare the Audience with Convertible Benches from Virco

Over the last several months, almost every elementary school in the United States has had to arrange and rearrange their cafeteria for multiple events that range from science fairs and honor roll awards to the standard arrangement of daily meals. The trouble for many schools is that each time the cafeteria gets used for a […]