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Benefiting from the Furniture of Robert Mills

The award winning team of Peter Glass and Robert Mills is probably one of the great tandems in the industry of school furniture. As we mentioned yesterday, the Virco TEXT Series is a solid representation of their craft. They’ve even pushed the boundaries of their original idea by creating a Virco Tilt Top TEXT Table; ideal for any classroom that requires variation and flexibility. What happens is that the Tilt Top TEXT Tables can shift from a horizontal to a vertical position, then slide in next to each other in a corner of the room, opening up the floor space in your classroom for other activities or projects that demand a different type of furniture.

Where Glass provides the innovation and craftiness to each piece of classroom furniture he builds, Mills has become the voice of practicality and results. A chair or a table may look nice, but if it isn’t beneficial to a classroom or the wide array of school furniture, then Mills will make adjustments. He recently spoke about his perspective on school furniture and what it means to establish a record for customer satisfaction.

“Blending comfort and style with safety, durablity, and operational efficiency helps maximize customer value,” he said. “Using an integrated design approach, our goal is to create innovative furniture tailored to Virco’s customers and Virco’s factories and operations. These organic families of products ‘build’ together in the factory, then work together in the field.”

That pretty much says it all. The innovation of classroom furniture is a dominant goal, but it absolutely has to match the organic realities of every student, every teacher, and every administrator who will, in the end, give their approval or disapproval of these products. Virco has learned to collaborate with some pretty classy designers and they’ve been doing it for decades.

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