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Virco Stays Current; Introducing a New Line of Ergonomic Stools

middleageschairOver the centuries, we really have changed our social understanding of the chair. Until the latter half of the Middle Ages, laborers and everyday people did not sit down. That was a right reserved to kings, queens, and bishops. And for those who did sit down, typically the seat was either a stool, a bench, or even a chest. Any chairs with back support were considered a luxury for the more affluent members of a society.

Fast forward to October 2012 when Virco, a leading manufacturer of school furniture and classroom furniture, introduced a remarkable new version of the traditional stool. As part of their Civitas Collection, Virco designed a seating solution “expressly designed to meet the furniture needs of common areas in K-12 schools, colleges and universities, including other venues where people gather.” As it turns out, one of their most unique products in the collection is a 25″ seat-height stool or an even taller 30″ seat-height stool, both offering the injection molded shell and individual seat back.

What has done is to make not only the Civitas Series affordable, but the CZ25 Civitas Stool especially. Consider this is a product that normally sells for over $200. offers it to you for less than $100. You, as a teacher, gain the benefits of higher seating (above your class eye level) as well as the comfort of Virco’s ergonomic product line.

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