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Setting Up the 21st Century Library with Virco

oldlibraryOver the last ten years, elementary, middle, and high school libraries have gone through a significant restructuring. The name “library” seemed unappealing to younger generations and so much of what school librarians were dealing with had to do with multiple forms of media, rather than books alone. It wasn’t long before schools adopted the title of “media center” for what was once the old library. No longer would children just go to find books. No longer would children have to be 100% silent. No longer would there be a mean lady protecting all of the literature from greasy little fingers. At least if that’s the image that children had of what it meant to visit the library.

Within the last decade, media centers have not only changed the image of the library, but they’ve modernized their entire approach. Even Virco, a leader in classroom furniture and school furniture, has joined the club, creating a library table that matches modern convenience with comfortable seating.

The Virco Plateau Library & Technology Table has a 48″ x 96″ Top, sits 29″ High, and fuses elegant contours/lines with heavy-duty construction materials. The technology table is the brainchild of designer Peter Glass who successfully endowed Virco’s new Plateau Library & Technology Solutions furniture collection with classic beauty and real-world toughness. Fill your school library with these convenient tables for less than $1,000 per unit.

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