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Considering the Sage Series from Virco

Earlier this month, introduced you to the work of Peter Glass and Robert Mills, two incredible minds who have consistently joined together to create some of the most original classroom furniture on the market. Today, we’d like to draw your attention to one of their well known chairs, designed for Virco customers in particular.

As they put it, the Virco Sage Series “incorporates and enhances many of the ergonomically beneficial, style-conscious details embodied” in the ZUMA Series as well. What makes Sage different is that it has “a more generously proportioned shell that’s both taller and wider,” says Glass. “These subtle enhancements result in a lively, resilient backrest that moves with you and supports you with extraordinary comfort.” But as we learned from those earlier articles, Glass and Mills have a different way of looking at school furniture. Mills evaluates his furniture based on the desires of each customer.

“Anthropometric research indicates, and our real-world customers have confirmed,” said Mills, “that many furniture users of all ages are now physically larger than in the past. Sage is a response to customer demand for reasonably priced seating that more comfortably accommodates these larger users. And, in addition to its increased seating surface, Sage has a modified lumbar curve which provides excellent support for a wider variety of body types. We believe taller-than-average people, as well as average-sized users, will really enjoy using Sage furniture. The Sage backrest also has a smoothly rolled perimeter edge. When you’re seated in the chair, this important design detail significantly increases the user’s comfortable range of motion.” offers one of these extremely comfortable Sage Computer Chairs at an extremely low price that can’t be missed. Take into account the diversity of bodies that will probably use the computer chairs at your school and you’ll have to admit that this Virco Sage Computer Chair is not to be ignored.

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