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Virco Creates School Furniture with Corporate Stewardship

vircoClassroom Furniture designers are always in danger of creating a product that looks interesting, but doesn’t meet the needs of educators and students in the field. Virco operates on an entirely different ideal. They’ve established a program called Corporate Stewardship that was designed to satisfy their overall mission and deliver competitive, sustainable returns to those who invest their faith and money into Virco products. They hold five primary values above all others: voice, dignity, fairness, leadership, and merit. Each of these values is a testament of the respect Virco has for those they hope to satisfy.

What this means for you, as educators and administrators, is that Virco specifically seeks out the input of teachers and students who will, in the end, either use or disregard their classroom furniture. They wish to be consistently relevant, so they poll and survey, then poll and survey again. One product they’ve created to satisfy this approach is the Virco 7511LBM Lift Lid Desk.

“Because many teachers prefer lift-lid desks with a metal book box for their students,” they say, “Virco offers a variety of 751 Series units. This one has a Martest hard plastic top, a wrap-around leg brace and steel-base glides.” offers this desk for $160.72 per individual unit, but our prices continue to drop if you purchase multiple desks for a diversity of rooms in your school.

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