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Prepare the Audience with Convertible Benches from Virco

elementarycafeteriaOver the last several months, almost every elementary school in the United States has had to arrange and rearrange their cafeteria for multiple events that range from science fairs and honor roll awards to the standard arrangement of daily meals. The trouble for many schools is that each time the cafeteria gets used for a big event, the teaching staff must come up with an alternative place for their students to eat. More importantly, on days when the cafeteria is going to be used for multiple events, the weight falls on janitorial staff to move all the school furniture (every table and chair) throughout the room from one setting to another.

Years ago, Virco not only accepted this reality, but they came up with a fantastic solution for aiding the staff in its ever-present challenges with school furniture on busy days. Enter the Virco MTC8 Convertible Bench Tables.

The Virco MTC8 Convertible Bench Tables extend to an 8-foot long mobile folding seat with HP Laminate Tops. The standard 15″ to 17″ High Bench seat is built on a table that seats elementary and even middle school students extremely well at 27″ to 29″ high. In the event of a presentation, where the cafeteria must be used as the seating area for an audience, the Convertible Bench Table can be adjusted to a seat with a continuous backrest and T-Mold Edge Banding. offers this product for almost 1/3 of the manufacturer’s price. If you’re preparing to adorn your ever-changing cafeteria with new school furniture, then you can’t beat this table at this price. Contact today and find out more.

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