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Teaching from the Desk

teacherteachingWhen we typically think of teaching, we like to imagine the most animated of teachers moving around the room and interacting with students all the time. Certainly this is true of many teachers, but there are others who are just as effective at educating without moving much beyond the front part of their classroom. Consider the teacher who sets up incredibly innovative activities for her students the day before, guides them on how to get started, then let’s them go at it with periodic guidance from the front of the room. These are the teachers whose students have actually learned to learn from each other.

If you are one of these teachers and find that the chair you spend most of your time in isn’t exactly the most comfortable, it might be time for an upgrade. Several years ago, Virco introduced the 2050 Mobile Stack Chair that combines simplicity with durability, providing a comfortable seating experience. A contoured waterfall design along the front the chair enriches your posture while an inverted triple slit in the back allows for proper ventilation.

The casters of the Virco 2050 Mobile Stack Chairs are quiet, so as to avoid making noisy movements around a computer lab or teacher work desk. The chair is made with tubular steel chrome and has a color-option shell made from polypropylene. Believe it or not, Virco has even gone so far as to insert an additive to the 2050 Stack Chair that minimizes static charges from sitting in the shell. prices can’t be beat anywhere on the web, so look no further and contact us today.

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