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Celebrating the Arts with Virco

Earlier this month, Paloma Elementary School (San Diego) enjoyed an entire day of painting, crafts, word games, dance, and other creative activities as part of their Celebrate the Arts Day, which they hold every two years. With so much focus on testing and academic standards, the students of Paloma were deeply enriched and widely inspired to keep in mind that life is more than exams and evaluations. Whew!

One of the activities that children were able to engage one another in was a traditional art class for drawing in black and white while others were able to create chalk art or crazy word patterns. Another room was used for the teaching of Japanese culture and music with students painting cherry blossom trees and learning to speak little tidbits of the language.

We might say that Art Teachers are the unsung heroes of every school. They see their students far less frequently than the Regular Education Teachers, have less time to accomplish big projects, and tend to get pulled for various needs by the school administration. Virco acknowledges their hard work and created several classroom resources that are great for helping to organize the Art Teacher who has all kinds of colorful paper.

The Virco 2325 Mobile Cabinet is 48″ Wide x 28″ Deep x 36″ High with five 44″ Wide X 24-1/2″ Deep x 3-1/2″ High full-Width Paper Drawers. Certainly this could be used in any classroom (especially Kindergarten rooms), but we like to think that those hard working Art Teachers might find this cabinet more useful than anyone else.

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