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Think Balance when you Think Geometric Zuma Desks by Virco

Around this time of year, the main subject for elementary school math teachers is geometry. Students have, by this point, covered their areas of calculation (multiplication, division, addition, subtraction) and are ready to see where those hard-earned math skills are most useful. Geometry at their age means understanding shapes, angles, area, and three dimensional objects. Why not create a room full of geometrically-oriented classroom furniture with Virco’s Trapezoid-Shaped Zuma Desks?

The origin of the Zuma Desk goes back a ways, but we’ve discovered that they are both practical and versatile as individual or group desks. Of course, we at lean toward using them as group desks, since their side-by-side arrangement will automatically create a 7-foot octagon that seats eight students.

When Virco talks about their Zuma series, they can’t help but focus on a key word: balance.

“More than any other word, balance describes the essence of Virco’s new ZUMA┬« classroom furniture collection. ZUMA bridges the gap between effective ergonomic support and a sense of style that’s welcoming to students; between durable construction demands and sustainable product design; and ultimately, between budgetary pressures and actual affordability. But don’t take our word for it…. Let your students use a Zuma desk that comfortably supports a laptop and textbook together. Then decide if ZUMA’s unique balance will benefit your learning environment.”

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