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Managing the Furniture of a School Auditorium

Basketball games. Prom. Graduation. Chances are, the staff and teachers of your school have their hands full when it comes to managing the furniture of the auditorium. Someone has to move the chairs and tables for the Thursday night science fair, but then that same crew has to stick around to set up for the Friday afternoon pep rally before finally rearranging the auditorium for the Saturday night dance.

If you’re one of the people tasked with moving tables and chairs (basically, every piece of school furniture) in the auditorium for every event, then wants to turn your attention to the Virco HCT4 Chair Truck.

The Virco HCT4 Chair Truck works like a massive dolly, specifically designed for the management and collection of Virco chairs (which we’re sure you’re already using). The Chair Truck has a 4-wheel design and heavy duty tires with ball bearing shafts. You’ll find that the HCT4 Chair Truck can move and store just about every version of the Virco Stack Chair, including the 9000 and 8900 series options.

The HCT4 Chair Truck can gather 3 model 3018 chairs at one time, 5 model 2018 or 2618 chairs, 6 model 9018, 9616, SG418, or ZU418 chairs, and so on. Due to the sheer size of these chair trucks and the number of chairs they move, we recommend that maintain their usage on flat, level surfaces without thresholds, ramps, or slick surfaces. This will more likely guarantee the safety of your staff and students who often try so hard to help in the arrangement of school furniture around that auditorium.

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