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Finding a New Home for the Wardrobe

wardrobeC. S. Lewis was undoubtedly the first person to make the “wardrobe” into one of the most intriguing pieces of furniture in the house (The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe). But with almost every house today having its own storage closet, entry way closet, and walk in closet, the classic wardrobe seems to be a piece of furniture without a relevant home in 2013.

Now imagine the traditional elementary school classroom. Where should the children put their coats on a rainy or snowy day? On the backs of their chairs? Stuffed in a cubbie? We here at would like to suggest that this is where an E-Z Bilt Wardrobe Cabinet comes in. We believe it’s time to change the way you think about protecting the lunch boxes and warm clothing of your students.

With Penco’s E-Z Bilt Wardrobe Cabinet, you now have an ideal solution for storing almost any personal item for your students without forcing them to look for alternatives around the classroom. As it turns out, the E-Z Bilt Wardrobe Cabinet is useful beyond the classroom. At such an affordable price from, you might want to consider adding a Penco Wardrobe to your office or plant. Its contemporary design and attractive baked enamel finish is compatible with any office decor. Design features include a recessed handle with built-in lock & 2 keys; 3 hinges per door; three point latching; full width shelf and coat rod. Doors open a full 180 degrees.

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