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Monthly Archives: April 2013

Using Forward Vision Workstations to Minimize Backward Science Classrooms

Imagine a science lab. Now imagine the placement of tables, chairs, materials, and tools. What we tend to picture in every science classroom is a collection of neatly aligned, rectangular tables spaced about four feet apart in rows from the front of the room to the back of the room. Two students on one side. […]

Round Tables in the Midst of Square Science Rooms

Someday soon, educators hope to see classrooms and schools designed with a little more flair for the creative. Maybe a First Grade classroom that’s shaped like a triangle. Maybe a Sixth Grade Middle School Choir Classroom that’s constructed in the shape of a circle (better acoustics). Just imagine seeing classrooms all across the school campus […]

The Simplicity and Affordability of an Old School Science Table

By now, if you’ve already gone through the Classroom Furniture website in search of a good science table, chances are, you’ve seen quite a few options. Simply put, Classroom Furniture prides itself on the selling the most affordable science lab furniture on the web. Creative, innovative, and uniquely constructed, Classroom Furniture will stand behind the […]

Providing Subtle Access with Rolling Science Cabinets

True scientific discovery is a lot like research without the books. Scientists begin with a hypothesis of what they believe will happen when they apply force, mix a chemical, or magnify an object. This isn’t to say that the scientist never uses books in the development of his or her hypothesis, but the actual discovery […]

Virco Oval Cafeteria Tables – ONLY 49 LEFT

Last October, when Classroom Furniture introduced buyers to the Virco Oval Cafeteria Tables with Stools, the response was overwhelming. And at the time, the price had already been marked down by more than 78% of its original retail. Now that only 49 of the Virco Oval Cafeteria Tables with Stools are left, Classroom Furniture has […]

Satisfying Healthy Movement with ZRock Chairs

Kindergarten teachers may have the toughest job in education. Unlike daycare leaders or camp counselors, the kindergarten teacher must combine rigorous instruction with training on social behaviors. Every 5-6 year old enters school with a great deal of information they’ve learned at home, but in many cases, kindergarten provides one of their first experiences interacting […]

Science Fairs, Science Partners, and Science Tables

Earlier this month, students in Franklin County, PA were honored by their school board at the local science fair when the judges passed them on to the next round. Their competition has typically been divided between individual students and partners even though the latter group is not allowed to excel beyond a certain point in […]

Science Lab Riser Tables Enrich STEM Projects

In 1957, the former Soviet Union launched Sputnik, one of the first successful satellites, and subsequently launched what became known as the “space race.” The United States had been the first to use nuclear technology, but the Soviet Union appeared to be gaining on our space technology, which led to an international competition to see […]

Young Scientists Get Space to Work with Solid Oak Lab Tables

One of the practical challenges of a standard science classroom is finding workspace. Students get papers, textbooks, microscopes, beakers, film strips, and so many other objects that it becomes easy to run out of space to work, even with the great length and width of a decent table. Arms can only stretch so far across […]

No More Textbook Chemical Spills

Everyone is a little clumsy and silly from time to time. You might even say it’s inevitable that we’ll do something we can only laugh about later. Some of the best and brightest teachers have tried to open up their classrooms with a remote key lock from their car. Others have walked into walls they […]