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Unavoidable Pricing on the Virco 785FLT Open-Front Desk

Occasionally, when you find a business or even a restaurant offering “specials,” a red flag goes off in your brain. You ask the obvious question: Is there something wrong with the product or the food that forced them to call it a special? And why not, right? We’ve all heard that “specials” aren’t always so special.

This is absolutely not the case with and it’s important that you know the reason why.

Right now, the single most popular desk being used in schools is the Virco 785FLT Open-Front Desk. The popularity of the Virco Open-Front Desk is based on three very simple things: durability, flexibility, and affordability. If you work in education, then you know how much your desks will get moved around and dragged from week to week. You need desks that aren’t going to fall apart at every push and pull. That’s what you get with the Virco 785FLT Open-Front Desk.

When it comes to desk flexibility, especially for late elementary and middle school students, children need a desk that suits their rapid development. Not every child is the same size when they get to be 9, 10, or 11 years old. The Virco 785FLT Open-Front Desk has adjustable legs that meet the physical dimensions of your students.

But here’s the deal on affordability. Virco 785FLT Open-Front Desks have been around for a while. And they’ve always been quite affordable. is now making the price unavoidable. A desk that normally retails at $158.00 can now be purchased for $36.00 and FREE FREIGHT. The product hasn’t changed, but you simply can’t ignore the reality of this special. And when we call something special, you can take our word for it. Call us today and stock your classroom for the end of this year through the beginning of the next.

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