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Virco Open-Front Desk Great for Departmentalization

Years ago, every classroom in every school was considered to be a self-contained learning environment. One teacher would be responsible for the same 20 students (approximately) within each subject area. In other words, if you were a 9-year-old Fourth Grader at Johnson Elementary School, you might have known some of the other teachers on your grade level, but you stayed in the same room with the same teacher all day, learning every subject.

Today, a large portion of elementary schools in the country have been testing a Middle School and High School concept: let teachers focus on one or two subject areas (rather than teaching all of them), then let the students move from classroom to classroom throughout the day. This process is called departmentalized instruction. Some teachers love it. Some teachers hate it. But more often than not, love it or hate it, the decision comes from administration.

What this means is that for departmentalized children, they often switch back and forth between rooms, needing to share desk space with other students from someone else’s class. Virco 785DDMBBLBM Open-Front Desks are 18″ x 24″ x 5″ with a Deep Drawn Metal Book Box & Hard Plastic Desk Top. Add in the flexibility of an Adjustable Leg Brace Height of 22″ to 30″ and you’re in business. There’s plenty of space in these Open Front Desks for students to put their books on one side, while another student can put their books on the opposite side. The Virco Open-Front Desk is a perfect solution for departmentalized instruction.

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