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Sticking with the Traditions of Fabric and Vinyl

We’ve come a long way since the 1970s, when polyester and flowered vinyl adorned our kitchen tables and chairs. And yet, despite how much we still cringe at the thought of those old-fashioned styles, fabric hasn’t changed that much in the last 40 years. In fact, nearly all major functions held in a school auditorium will probably have some kind of vinyl seating. This isn’t because of a sunshine-colored hippy-like appearance, but because vinyl is just plain comfortable. And fortunately, that awful-yellow shade has been replaced with a much simpler Linen Black appearance on the Virco 8926 Stack Chair.

Right now, we’re offering the Virco 8926 Stack Chair for the absurdly low price of $32 per chair and FREE FREIGHT. Of course, while you should be thrilled with such an amazing price for chairs, you have to admit that at $32, you aren’t going to buy just one. And if you’re going to buy them in bulk, you’ll need an affordable Chair Truck, for efficient movement of the 8926 Stackable Chair.

For those of you who are new to moving chairs in bulk, Virco has a small bit of advice about the use of their chair trucks:

“The number of pieces of furniture that can be safely stacked or moved on Virco’s mobile storage equipment depends on many factors, including the furniture’s height, weight and general design; the speed at which the unit will be moved; the terrain over which it will travel; and the strength of the operator(s). Care should be taken not to stack to the point of unsteadiness. Virco recommends starting with small, easily handled loads and adding one to two pieces of furniture at a time to determine the safe capacity for each set of conditions. Use Virco mobile storage equipment with appropriate Virco furniture only.”

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