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Virco Metaphor Chairs Support the Unsung Heroes

janitorWhen we think of an educational environment, we tend to think of teachers, principals, secretaries, librarians, and guidance counselors. These are the roles that seem to have the most direct impact on students, parents, and essential learning. The group we tend to ignore above all others is the janitorial staff, the unsung heroes who ensure the health and cleanliness of our classrooms.

At a school in New England earlier this month, a school nurse was with a student when she happened to notice a 62-year-old janitor in the hallway who looked incredibly pale. As it turned out, the janitor was having a heart attack, but her quick response inspired others to help out as well. The janitor, whose name was not released, lost consciousness and wasn’t responding to the defibrillator that was being used to shock his heart. After a round of CPR, the nurse went back to the defibrillator and gradually saw the man regain consciousness.

As expected, the nurse received loads of praise from her colleagues and the local school board, as well she should. But what may have been overlooked is the janitor himself, at 62, who faithfully sweeps, dusts, and takes out the trash every single day at the same school. His work, like so many other janitors, is always the glue that keeps a school from falling apart. And believe it or not, Virco keeps this kind of hard work in mind when they design classroom furniture.

At the end of each day, teachers are usually asked to lay their chairs on each desk, so that the cleaning crew can easily maneuver through the classroom furniture and sweep the floor. The problem, however, is that many chairs aren’t made to lay comfortably on top of the desks. Not so with Virco 18″ Stackable Metaphor Chairs. These are soft plastic chairs with a comfortable shell and a chrome frame. Each Stackable Metaphor Chair lays perfectly flat on a level desk, allowing teachers and students to quietly and graciously support their janitorial staff.

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