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Virco Zuma Chairs Defined by Innovative Cantilever Architecture

martstamBetween World War I and World War II, much of the international community enjoyed its own version of the Roaring Twenties. Innovation was peaking, money was flowing, and peace seemed more than plausible. Mart Stam, a Dutch Architect and furniture designer, was barely a young man before the eyes of architectural creativity struck gold. Soon after World War II, Stam grew heavily involved in the reconstruction of troubled communities within Germany and Russia, where the wars had taken their greatest toll.

But it was back in 1926 when Stam introduced what he called the “cantilever armchair,” a concept that blew away the traditional understanding of chairs and the way that they can be designed. Instead of relying on four legs and body support, the cantilever chair relied on two legs and the excess material of the chair to balance out the stability of a person’s body weight. What users still find refreshing is the comfort that comes from a cantilever chair. Rather than falling into a firm shell, cantilever chairs have a slight bounce, making them much more interesting, yet equally reliable.

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