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5th Grade Science Teachers Shift Gears After State Test

Across the United States at this very moment, teachers are eagerly preparing their students for the final stretch before their region’s most anticipated examinations. Standardized testing is often called a blessing a curse, because in science especially, students are forced to answer a variety of questions that may or may not reflect the specific year that they just completed.

For example, fifth grade students in the State of Florida will begin taking a series of computerized science tests on April 22 as part of their FCAT requirements, but these assessments will not reflect fifth grade content alone. As most elementary school teachers know, the fifth grade science test is meant to reflect all that a child has learned about science from kindergarten through the fifth grade. What this means is that fifth grade science teachers have less time to experiment or engage the students in activities, since they spend most of their energy teaching kids how to succeed on a standardized test.

Needless to say, science teachers in particular have always been eager to get past the state test so they can turn their attention to far more enjoyable methods of instruction. Which means that right around this time of year, is fully aware that science teachers are already making the case to their principals and administrators that they need funding for new furniture and new materials.

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