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Plain Apron Science Tables for K-12 Classrooms

Every classroom that doubles as a science lab is typically adorned with microscopes, petri dishes, and rock samples that children want to touch. And for the most part, science teachers are there to encourage their curiosities. We might say, however, that the most “touched” part of these labs are the tables, where hands, feet, and creative gadgets are always nearby. The legs of a table are constantly kicked, the top of a table holds the pressure of several leaning elementary kids, and the edges of a table are frequently the site of accidents from students who rush around a tight corner in a small classroom.

Needless to say, a science table must be incredibly sturdy and reliable if, in the end, it’s going to endure all of the challenges that come from being the foundation of a science lab. Diversified Woodcrafts has successfully designed and manufactured some of the most reputable science lab tables on the market. Among these products, is now selling the Plain Apron Science Table for well under retail.

The legs and aprons of all Plain Apron Science Tables are constructed of solid red oak and are smoothly machined and finished with acrylic finish. But don’t let the word “plain” fool you. Plain Aprons are part of an innovative, architectural design that adds a level of stability between the legs of a table. Depending on the specifications of your school district, you may want to consider different surface laminates for these Plain Apron Tables that range from a ChemGuard Chemical Resistance to a Solid Epoxy Resin. Contact us today and find out which table is the best fit for your science lab.

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