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No More Textbook Chemical Spills

classroomaccidentsEveryone is a little clumsy and silly from time to time. You might even say it’s inevitable that we’ll do something we can only laugh about later. Some of the best and brightest teachers have tried to open up their classrooms with a remote key lock from their car. Others have walked into walls they knew were there. But we’re human.

Science teachers are constantly wary of safety in the classroom, acknowledging that both they, as teachers, and their students are capable of bumping into a table or dropping a beaker. For this reason, Diversified Woodcrafts introduced a Solid Oak Science Table with two Book Compartments. Teachers who prepare a lab with their classes may have the students read first, but once the experiment begins these Solid Oak Science Tables allow them to put those books away from the risk of being soaked, soiled, or completely ruined by a chemical spill.

Right now, the Solid Oak Science Table with Book Compartments is recommended primarily for Elementary and Middle School Classrooms where accidents are statistically more common, especially with the eagerness and curiosities of young children. has already dropped the price on these tables by more than half of what they typically retail. Contact us today and stock your Science Lab Furniture with a set of new tables from Diversified Woodcrafts.

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