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Science Lab Riser Tables Enrich STEM Projects

spaceraceIn 1957, the former Soviet Union launched Sputnik, one of the first successful satellites, and subsequently launched what became known as the “space race.” The United States had been the first to use nuclear technology, but the Soviet Union appeared to be gaining on our space technology, which led to an international competition to see who could be the first nation to put a man on the moon. Presidents Eisenhower and Kennedy were instrumental in urging educators to focus more on math and science over music or the arts. And since the 1960s, teachers have invested hours upon hours of instruction time with Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, a collective concept known more widely today as STEM Education.

Science teachers are typically given the most uniquely arranged classrooms and furniture in the school, since their instruction involves so many various gadgets and tools as well as labs and experiments. To assist with this type of creative instruction, the Solid Oak Science Lab Riser was designed by Diversified Woodcrafts as an extension of the traditional Plain Apron Table.

With the Science Lab Riser, students can elevate microscopes and beakers above the lower surface, leaving room to write notes and copy down data. Classroom Furniture is now offering the Science Lab Riser for nearly half of its original retail price. Contact a Classroom Furniture representative today and place your order.

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