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Earlier this month, students in Franklin County, PA were honored by their school board at the local science fair when the judges passed them on to the next round. Their competition has typically been divided between individual students and partners even though the latter group is not allowed to excel beyond a certain point in the science fair. In other words, if you have a science partner, you may do well, but you won’t win the whole competition. Call it unfortunate, but this is relatively common around the country when it comes to annual science fairs.

Fortunately, most science teachers know that science education doesn’t work in isolation. Science concepts are often difficult to grasp without the collaborative efforts of a friend, a partner, or even a hands-on lab itself. We all know that science doesn’t come from a book. It comes from our interaction with the people and the world around us. Give a 9-year-old a curriculum textbook for science and they might pick up a few things, but they won’t really experience or grasp the depths of science until they have a way to interact with the things they read.

This is where Diversified Woodcrafts comes in handy. Years ago, they created a 2-Student Science Lab Table with a Storage Cabinet underneath. The plain aprons of the science table help to steady the work surface, but the table’s unique design really allows students to feel like they’re working on a collaborative project every time they come to class and take a seat. Classroom Furniture has already dropped the price of the 2-Student Science Table by more than half its original retail. Call Classroom Furniture today and place your order.

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