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Using Forward Vision Workstations to Minimize Backward Science Classrooms

Imagine a science lab. Now imagine the placement of tables, chairs, materials, and tools.

What we tend to picture in every science classroom is a collection of neatly aligned, rectangular tables spaced about four feet apart in rows from the front of the room to the back of the room. Two students on one side. Two students on the other. And to an extent, that traditional format for the science lab still works perfectly. The only problem is that there will always be two students with their backs to the front of the science classroom.

Enter the innovatively designed Forward Vision Science Lab Workstation from Diversified Woodcrafts. This is a completely re-imagined way to construct and organize the science lab. In fact, by their very shape, these Forward Vision Workstations could be connected into a pentagonal format, creating one of the most unique-looking classrooms for group-think projects. Ten students would combine (in pairs, of course) to achieve one, singular objective or to solve one primary hypothesis while standing behind a massive collection of Forward Vision Workstations.

According to Diversified Woodcrafts, “The Forward Vision Four-Student Workstation allows four students to work at a single station while all are facing the teacher. The unique design leaves enough room to store four stools (not included) under the workstation.” And right now, Classroom Furniture is offering these workstations at nearly half their original price. Contact us today and place your order.

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