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Monthly Archives: May 2013

Sloping Sink Useful for Science Lab Clean-Up

Every elementary science teacher knows and expects that children will, at some point or another, cause a spill. At this point, even advertisers make a fortune telling us what we already know. Remember those Bounty commercials with the tag line that says, “the tougher, quicker, picker upper?” The ads feature a running child who tracks […]

Conducting Research on a Covert Island

Calvert Island is probably best known for its rich history and beautiful landscapes, but more recently, Canadian researchers have learned that the island is being used for a $70 Million research operation called Hakai Beach Institute. The research lab is focused on marine life and terrestrial ecology approximately 60 miles south of Bella Bella near […]

Media Mobility in the Science Lab Classroom

Over the years, students from college, high school, middle school, and even elementary school have grown accustomed to packing up their books and moving from classroom to classroom. But as it turns out, teachers move around quite a bit as well. Depending on the needs and requirements of a school, a science teacher, for example, […]

Teachers Setting the Example with ADA Compliant Furniture

Disabilities are almost always a difficult challenge for students to overcome, but children with disabilities are looking for inspirational models who face those challenges with success. This is where teachers with disabilities have an opportunity to become crucial figures in the life of a child. A little help from ADA compliant furniture is a great […]

Visiting Classroom Furniture on Memorial Day

They say Memorial Day marks the end of the school year, but around this point, teachers are still scrambling to wrap up their grades and students are waiting to see if they passed their last Human Biology exam. It’s not over. Not yet at least. Outside the walls of the classroom, Memorial Day will always […]

Sitting Beside a Standing Science Desk

Every middle school and high school science teacher knows that the science teacher’s desk is far different from the desk that other teachers use in their classrooms. First and foremost, the science teacher’s desk is typically near the teacher’s waist level or even higher. Furniture designers take into account that science teachers are usually moving […]

Science Furniture That’s Strong as an Oak

Due to the size, power, and sheer magnitude of the trees, the word “oak” has long been a transliterated term, meant to add strength to the individuals or groups that are being described. Declare someone or something “strong as an oak” and they’ll gain spiritual and emotional momentum. At least, that’s what happens to the […]

Organizing Odds and Ends with Tote Tray Science Cabinets

Yarn. Marbles. Rocks. Magnifiers. Slides. Samples. Soil. Seeds. Chemicals. Tubes. Beakers. And the list goes on. These are just a few of the “odds and ends” that fill up a science teacher’s classroom. Every new experiment requires a new resource or a new tool. Some teachers manage to squeeze in the time to organize their […]

Addressing the Skeleton Display in a Science Classroom

Children and teenagers will forever be intrigued with bones, fossils, and skeletons. Their appeal is not about a morbid fascination with death. Kids just happen to enjoy seeing and exploring the way our human body works. They relate to the human body and find their connection to science through its study. But if we’re being […]

Going Mobile with Self-Contained Science Tables

Several years ago, in order to combat the stigma that schools libraries were boring and conventional, media experts tried a new tactic. Instead of having students come to the library for books, some school librarians decided to go mobile, which meant that they would fill up a cart with the month’s most popular book titles […]