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Stretching the Value of a Science Lab Workstation

As most of us know by know, Congress has cut funding to a great many budgets around the nation through the dreaded sequester. Among those who have had to count their pennies are the massive number of experts who work in the field of research and science. Most recently, Congress has been contemplating a bill written by the Republican Senator from Texas, Lamar Smith, who seems to be urging the science community toward “the finest quality and groundbreaking” research that “answers questions or solves problems of the utmost importance to society at large.” The trouble is, legislators disagree strongly about what constitutes the most important and worthy aspects of science to endorse funding.

With all the squabbling in Washington, Classroom Furniture knows that furniture buyers are tightening their belts and looking for ways to achieve successful research and training without spending quite as much on the tools most useful to science. This is why Classroom Furniture offers the 4-Student Double-Faced Science Lab Service Center, a product that includes a full cupboard on both sides and a flat top with no sink. Rather than buying two tables and connecting them at either end, this Science Lab Workstation allows teachers and administrators to maximize space and save a little money at the same time. At nearly 50% OFF its original retail price, contact Classroom Furniture today and place your order.

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