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Good Science in the Face of Dangerous Science

bostonbombersOver the last several weeks, the tragedy in Boston has reminded Americans of just how easy it is for someone to develop weapons of mass destruction with only a basic knowledge of dangerous science. Experts have been telling us about the convenience of household chemicals found underneath every kitchen sink. Triacetone Triperoxide (TATP) and Hexamethylene Triperoxide Diamine (HMTD) are typically the two most common chemicals now used in the development of homemade bombs. So we’re left with some proactive solutions for combating home grown terrorism. One of the most involved solutions is the science classroom, where science teachers are there to instruct young minds toward the use of dangerous chemicals for better means.

Good science instruction begins with great resources and tables. Right now, Classroom Furniture is offering a 4-Student ‘Octagon’ Science Lab Workstation with Dual Sinks and a Pedestal Base. This unit is constructed of solid oak and oak veneers, providing a convenient, four-person workstation that maximizes space. The apron comes with four locking drawers and 4 GFI protected AC duplex receptacles. Accessories include two multi-service fixtures, 4 rod sockets and an epoxy sink with strainer, stopper and trap. The top is 1″ black epoxy resin. Classroom Furniture has already dropped the price of these Science Lab Workstations by more than $2000. Contact Classroom Furniture today and place your order.

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