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Trifacial Workstations and the Arrangement of Science Labs

trifacialRows and columns are probably the most familiar structure of a science lab or a science classroom. Rectangular tables lined up next to each other in a rectangular room. Sometimes the tables are joined together. Sometimes the tables are individually spaced.

Now imagine the aerial view of a lab where three rectangular science tables extend from the edges of a hexagonal sink station. Sound impossible? Quite the opposite. In fact, these Trifacial Science Lab Workstations are emerging as one of the more creative ways to arrange the science classroom. Each station has the appearance (from above) of multiple oscillating fans.

Talk about innovation. These Trifacial Science Lab Workstations become a kind of service island with access to the functional needs of students who research and experiment with the science of earth and life. With plenty of space for extended wing tables and the combined use of a community sink, this Trifacial Science Lab Workstation, every student will be able to utilize counters, water, and even electricity without the sense of overcrowding.

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