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The Rising Popularity of L-Shaped Desks and Workstations

Remember when the typewriter was a great piece of household technology? Classroom Furniture remembers. And as it turns out, all of us have the typewriter to thank for any growing popularity of the L-Shaped Desk.

Some of the first desks that were ever designed for household or classroom use were based around the need for a writing workspace. This meant that any objects, such as a typewriter, were considered in many ways an obstruction to the desk space. Many skilled professionals would carry their typewriter with them in the early days, rather than leaving it on the desk where they did most of their work. Seemed too much like cluttering technology. That is, until the L-Shaped Desk opened up an entirely new way of looking at classrooms and home offices.

By creating a second extension off the main work desk (the “L”), early users of the L-Shaped Desk now had an annex to place their typewriters and still spread out their papers and research. The freedom to spread out a work area has never been more crucial to the students of 21st Century Science Labs.

Right now, Classroom Furniture is featuring a unique left-side room oriented L-shaped Science Lab Workstation from Diversified Woodcrafts designed so that four students can use the same space while continuing to face the teacher. The Peninsula Workstation has storage around the edges and on the wall. The Peninsula Workstation is made of oak and oak veneers with black powder-coated metal accents. And at nearly half the price of retail, this Peninsula Workstation represents a bargain you can’t afford to miss. Contact Classroom Furniture today and place your order.

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