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Preserving Science Workspace with the Wall Service Bench

Around this time of year, teachers are beginning to think about ways to open up their floors for the summer cleaning crew. Desks will be pushed to the corners. Chairs will be stacked. Clutter will be removed. But in the science lab, often times the tables are just too heavy and bulky to make space for waxing floors and fixing broken tiles. This is where the Science Lab Wall Service Bench makes an entrance for the future of innovative science classrooms.

The Science Lab Wall Service Bench comes in varying degrees of depth and height, hinging of course on the age level and size of the school’s average student, but their most unique feature is the opportunity to have Plain Apron Tables butted to the bench as if they were built together or, at the very least, designed perfectly for each other.

What you gain is a massive amount of wall storage with a tremendous amount of flexibility in the use of floor space. If you choose not to attach a Plain Apron Table to the Science Lab Wall Service Bench, you gain that expansion back in the classroom and no one will know the difference. These Wall Service Bench units are constructed of solid hardwood and oak veneer plywood, so you can be sure that you’re providing the most sturdy storage and workspace for your students. And when the end of the year rolls around, you won’t have as difficult a time preparing for the cleaning crew to make your science labs and science classrooms the best they can be for the next year. Contact Classroom Furniture and place your order.

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