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Meteorites and the Science Lab Workstation

meteoriteLast week, the science community was fascinated to learn that meteorites appear to be falling consistently across towns in Connecticut that begin with the letter W. Well, maybe not consistently. But often enough to be more than a rare anomaly. The gutters of a house in Waterbury, CT were struck at some point during the day by a hurling meteorite that landed in the front lawn. In 1982, Wolcott was hit. In 1971, it was Wethersfield. And way back in 1807, a falling meteorite landed in Weston.

Professors, students, and scientific experts throughout New England are eager to get a glance at Wednesday’s meteorite and find out whether it has some relative connection with any of the others that fell in years past. In order to facilitate this study, scientists will continue to strive for the most current, the most sturdy, and the most spacious science lab furniture available. Classroom Furniture has an affordable selection of science lab workstations to consider.

Within the Classroom Furniture catalog, buyers should take a look at the 6-Student Single-Faced Science Lab Service Center with a Full Cupboard. The six student single faced workstation provides a fully equipped science center almost entirely constructed of solid oak, oak and hardwood veneers with a 1″ black epoxy resin top. The Service Center unit includes 3 sinks, six multiservice fixtures, three GFI protected AC duplex receptacles, six rod sockets and six book compartments. Each cabinet has a cupboard compartment with shelf. All doors lock. At nearly half the price of its original retail, contact Classroom Furniture today and place your order.

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