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Mobile Demonstrations for the Theory of Relativity

theory-of-relativityImagine that you were moving quickly toward an object that was, at the same time, moving just as quickly in your direction. According to your senses, that object would seem to be going much, much faster than if you were simply standing still. Run in the opposite direction of the object while it travels the same speed as before, then the object will appear to be traveling much, much slower. Scientists call this a relative speed. In other words, a perception of speed based on the point-of-view of the observer.

For years, prior to Einstein, scientists would use this relative speed as a way of determining the speed of light, believing in some way that light traveled at different speeds, depending on the point-of-view of the observer. Not so, said Einstein. The Speed of Light is a constant that does not change, he argued, regardless of where the observer is within space and time.

If, after reading this, you suddenly feel a little bit smarter, let’s consider that you’ve only grasped Einstein’s Theory of Relativity in words. True science and true understanding requires an empirical demonstration. And this is what makes science teachers so invaluable to the proofs and evidences of scientific knowledge. They teach young minds how to test and prove the things that make them curious.

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