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Displaying Tools and Student Work with Science Lab Wall Cabinets

wallcabinetsElementary science instruction is all about getting students familiar with the scientific process of touching, seeing, and experiencing the world around them. And in many ways, they do so much of this already. Little fingers are always very curious. But elementary science classrooms are also about the display of student work. Administrators and district employees love to walk through rooms where students are being praised on the walls, from the ceilings, and every possible place in the class. No doubt if every teacher, including those who don’t teach science, had some kind of trophy case in their rooms, they’d use them to show off each and every student project.

Science labs are a little bit unique in that respect. For example, upper level elementary students are learning to construct simple machines and develop amateur inventions, two scientific endeavors that need to be shown off in a display case. Classroom Furniture now offers a science lab wall cabinet that’s great for doing just that. The science lab wall cabinet has a double glass door constructed of solid hardwood, solid oak, and oak plywood veneers. The shelves of the science lab wall cabinet are adjustable and the doors have a 3/16″ thick safety glass.

To be sure, these cabinets also have a more practical usage for upper grades and secondary science classrooms. Normally, the allure of a science lab is being able to see all the tools in the room without having to open up all the cabinets. For this reason, the science lab wall cabinets are perfect for displaying microscopes and other small resources from the science lab. Contact Classroom Furniture today and place your order.

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