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Securing Science Tools in the Science Lab Wall Cabinet

Around this time of year, teachers from every grade level are working on securing their classroom possessions for the summer. Two months out of the school means two months of cleaning crews and summer meetings, but costly resources and tools that must remain ready for the next year. Science teachers in particular have a mass of tools and resources to secure. For instance, microscopes can range from extremely cheap (lower elementary) to extremely expensive (academic institutions), but even the cheapest tools need securing. Making sure that these microscopes and other tools are have a secure home is a wise investment for every school administrator.

On Thursday, Classroom Furniture introduced buyers to the glass-plated science wall cabinets that are useful in the display of student work and classroom science tools. Today, Classroom Furniture is drawing attention to a closed and lockable science lab wall cabinet made of solid oak. The science lab wall cabinet is 30″ wide by 30″ high by 12″ deep and adorned with other solid hardwoods including maple and maple plywood. At nearly 50% OFF the original retail price, these science lab wall cabinets are sure to be a fast selling item. Ensure that you have these cabinets ready for your science classrooms before the end of the school year. Contact Classroom Furniture and place your order.

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