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Science Furniture That’s Strong as an Oak

Due to the size, power, and sheer magnitude of the trees, the word “oak” has long been a transliterated term, meant to add strength to the individuals or groups that are being described. Declare someone or something “strong as an oak” and they’ll gain spiritual and emotional momentum. At least, that’s what happens to the characters of classical literature.

In reality, oak is simply one of the strongest and most powerful trees on earth, understandably making it a key resource for furniture makers around the globe. Oak is incredibly resistant to attacks by insects and fungus and was once used in the construction of Viking long ships throughout the 9th and 10th centuries. Which means that today, when Classroom Furniture says they have a product made of “solid oak,” this is a statement worth taking seriously.

For example, take the sturdy Science Lab Bookcase from Diversified Woodcrafts. With a Plastic Laminate Top, this 36″ Wide x 24″ Deep x 36″ High Science Lab Bookcase is sure to house all your science books with an added quality of being constructed out of solid oak, thus ensuring that your classroom books will not come crashing down because of flimsy wood. Open oak shelving allows for a clear view while a UV chemical resistant finish coats the top, back and sides of each unit. Classroom Furniture is now offering this Science Lab Bookcase at nearly HALF their original retail. Contact Classroom Furniture today and place your order.

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