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Sloping Sink Useful for Science Lab Clean-Up

sciencelabspillEvery elementary science teacher knows and expects that children will, at some point or another, cause a spill. At this point, even advertisers make a fortune telling us what we already know. Remember those Bounty commercials with the tag line that says, “the tougher, quicker, picker upper?” The ads feature a running child who tracks mud through the house or the clumsy hands that spill juice on the ground. Mom’s got it, they say. She’s got Bounty paper towels.

Well it turns out, Diversified Woodcrafts might have an even better innovation for classroom environments where spills are likely. Classroom Furniture is pleased to offer the Science Lab Clean-Up Sink at nearly 50% OFF its original retail The Clean-Up Sink is a one piece top with a long grooved sloping counter that leads to a large sink in the center. Polyolefin, which makes up the mold, is easy to clean, and is highly impact resistant to reduce glassware breakage. So if you have lots of little fingers trying to reach and grab and push, the Clean-Up Sink ensures that glassware will be much more difficult to break and spills will flow with the slope of gravity.

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