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School Safety Enhanced with Science Lab Furniture

The National Science Teachers Association sets a reasonable, yet high bar on safety standards within high school and college classrooms. For example, NSTA regulations include a standard about the prohibition of unauthorized activities or investigations, going even further to say that any unsupervised work is not permitted.

The challenge for every science teacher is that they must be fully aware of every science student at every science table; a familiar concept in education known traditionally as an instructor’s withitness. Unfortunately, accidents still happen and one teacher cannot always prevent chemical burns, spills, cuts, and falls for a collection of 20 or more students.

Needless to say, when those accidents happen, science teachers need solid, reliable equipment to remedy each and every problem. Classroom Furniture has several options for science teachers to consider, but the ADA Compliant Science Lab Eyewash Station and the Science Lab Eyewash and Shower Station are notable for being so much more than what their title suggests.

The Shower Station stands approximately 7 feet tall (84 inches) and puts all your safety equipment in one place, including ample space for fire blankets, spill kits, first aid kits, and a fire extinguisher. The Shower Station is also ADA compliant with wheelchair access. Contact Classroom Furniture today and learn more about how these safety stations will benefit your classrooms.

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