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Science Lab Stool Adds Seating in Smaller Schools

Finding the right school for our children can be downright hard. Teachers might give a bad first impression. Principals might seem too strict. The neighborhood might seem a little unsafe. Parents look at all of this and more, hoping to provide the best educational environment possible for their children.

Of course, the schools that are most appealing to parents have their own set of problems. Primarily, a lack of seating room or space for more desks and classroom furniture. Take Kearney High School, a top rated secondary institution by Newsweek in 2011. Kearney has grown so popular that quite often, there are students propped on adjustable lab stools along the wall, listening to lectures and taking notes on their laps. Sound like a challenge? Sure it is. But these are kids who want to be at Kearney and the school finds ways to make their admittance possible.

With that in mind, Classroom Furniture currently features several uniquely designed lab stools, one fixed and the other adjustable. The benefit of a fixed lab stool is a slightly lower price, but the adjustable lab stool is priced comparably low in order to beat any other furniture sellers on the web. If your school is like Kearney High and students are running out of places to sit in the science lab, contact Classroom Furniture today and place your order for more science lab stools.

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