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Supporting Healthy Movement with Virco Lab Stools

When Virco introduced their Healthy Movement program a few years ago, furniture buyers found it easy to get on board. Virco has long recognized the challenge of diminished movement in elementary and secondary classrooms. In many schools, elementary students no longer get recess and are forced to sit through hours of instruction without having much freedom to move or stretch their legs. Physically, this goes against everything we know about children and their understandable need for a release. Children are wired to move and Virco has taken this into account with the design of their science lab stools.

Consider what Virco recently said to customers who asked about the Health Movement program:

Parents and adults tend to want children to ‘sit still.’ The reality is no one sits without moving for very long, because if we keep our bodies completely inactive, we tend to fall asleep or zone out. Dynamic sitting involves making adjustments to our position for comfort and moving our arms, legs, and body while we are sitting, in order to keep ourselves alert and engaged. Children who have access to healthy movement in the classroom are more likely to stay engaged and to have better attention and behavior.

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