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Free Standing Partitions and the Illusion of Privacy

Less than six weeks ago, 29-year-old Edward Snowden was an outsourced computer technician operating on behalf of the National Security Agency (NSA). At the time, he was relatively unknown throughout most of the world, but over the last several years, Snowden has had serious reservations about the operational standards of his organization. In particular, he believed and still believes that the gathering of data on every American is a tyrannical infringement of the Fourth Amendment that restricts the government’s ability to undergo a search and seizure without consent or judicial warrant.

As it turns out, the NSA is not permitted to access a person’s data without legal permission, but the concern most appear to have (and Snowden himself stated) is that there should be no repository or “collection” of data from each American, regardless of whether it will be viewed later or not. Down the road, he suggested, the NSA could build up or break down an entire life in 24 hours for almost any reason.

Many in the media are stunned that there have been no major protests and very little outrage. For better or worse, Americans appear to be quietly accepting this condition of a modern world with modern governments. Let’s just say privacy is something of an illusion, but it exists to some degree regardless.

Teachers who share a classroom often have a similar problem on a much smaller scale. One teaches reading while the other teaches math. Neither can close the door and be isolated to their homeroom class only, so they both learn to pretend as though they have some instructional privacy. One way to help resolve such a problem is to invest into a classroom partition that folds up and goes away when finished. Voices can still be heard, but faces and students from the other side of the room are able to focus a little bit more. Classroom Furniture is offering these classroom partitions for nearly 50% OFF their original retail price. Contact us today and place your order.

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