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Achieving Ergonomics with Virco

One of the most popular, but underrated topics in classroom furniture is ergonomics, a study of the relationship between people and the environments that either do or do not enhance their physical and cognitive qualities. For years, men and women have been taught not to slouch or demonstrate poor posture, but the furniture we gravitate toward seems to encourage less from our minds, rather than more. Ergonomical designers at Virco have been looking at ways to improve the way we learn, starting from the moment we sit down.

The Virco Zuma Chair Desks have achieved an innovative creation, providing students with a large bowfront work surface, moving from front to back. Adding an adjustable height swivel seat, students are almost compelled to focus, giving a slight nod to their teachers and schools who embraced such comfortable and flexible chairs as part of their new philosophy on school furniture.

Still, Virco stepped beyond mere ergonomics with the Virco Zuma Chair Desk and introduced a unique feature called the backpack floor tray, allowing students to keep their things nearby without pulling on the back of the seats. Generally, secondary students will throw their packs over the back of their seats, unknowingly doing further damage to their learning environment. The floor tray keeps the pack handy without the pull.

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