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Sharing Literature with Rack Dividers in the Front Lobby

While teachers work through the summer on planning and rearranging their classroom furniture, there’s an entirely different part of your school that probably needs a little bit of attention as well. Your front lobby is the first place that parents and prospective new hires will get a good or bad impression of the school. Unfortunately, […]

Preparing for Small Classroom Groups with Half Moon Tables

Education has come a long way. Despite the fact that we still imagine a classroom fully of forward-facing desks and teachers that never smile, the reality of the modern classroom is entirely different than the one we see in those old TV movies. More often than not, teachers interact with students on a regular basis […]

Cafeterias & Classrooms During Summer School

For most students, May and June marks the end of one grade and the beginning of the next. Two months off and no more homework from their teachers. In reality, school never closes. Many teachers, staff, and administrators end up coming back during those few weeks to teach summer school, attend trainings, and prepare for […]

Maximizing the Science Lab Workstation

Over the last decade, science workstations have evolved from ordinary, metal tables and stools to full fledged storage units with sinks and compartments. With such a wide range of options for stocking your science lab and creating space for students to work, Classroom Furniture provides a full service center Science Lab Workstation that can maximize […]

No More Trouble Finding the Right Classroom Furniture

One of the biggest complaints from classroom furniture buyers, and understandably so, is that no single store has everything they need. A piece here and a piece there, but no comprehensive way to buy each and every piece with one purchase. Consumers are picky and they should be. Colors, styles, and designs are crucial to […]

Virco Technology Tables Hide Obnoxious Wires

Some day in the future, our wide ranging technologies will not need to charge every few hours. We’ll have a laptop or a phone that can hold a charge for weeks or even months. Or so we’d like to believe. For now, however, our laptops, our Kindles, and our phones will all have to get […]

Developing a Long Term Relationship with Classroom Furniture

Some say that marriage is built on trust and loyalty. Others say love and respect. But in the end, any number of words could be used to describe the “it” factor that makes a marriage work. What we know for sure is that marriage involves two people who make a long term commitment to one […]

Russwood Library Furniture Supports School Media Centers

Several years ago, school libraries went through an image adjustment, believing that “library” was an antiquated term and that students were doing more than checking out books. In order to revitalize the career of school librarians, the “school library” became the “media center.” Students could check out videos, audio visual material, and yes, they could […]

Move Over Metaphor, Bring on the Analogy Series

For years, Virco designers have been crafting some of the most ergonomic and innovative chairs that they labeled as part of their Metaphor Series. And the truth is, Metaphor Chairs continue to rank very high on the classroom furniture market. But Virco has now gone a step further, shifting away from metaphors in order to […]

No More Dragging Desks with New Virco Agile Series

Kids love to be a teacher’s helper. They want to sharpen pencils. They want to file papers. They want to sweep the floor. For teachers, these are just the everyday tasks that make up the job, but for students, these small responsibilities give them a sense of value and importance in the classroom. Students become […]