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Summertime Teachers and New Technology for the Next Year

Over the summer, teachers all over the country take several weeks off, but rarely do good teachers spend that time doing nothing. In most cases, they’re already planning for the next year, attending various trainings, investing in classroom furniture and resources, and studying new methods for instruction. Teachers want to be successful in the lives […]

Classroom Walls, Student Work, and Vinyl Tackboards

Throughout the year, elementary principals often wander from classroom to classroom, observing the behavior of each child, the methods of every teacher, and the arrangement of all classroom furniture. Primarily, these principals are hoping to see strengths that can be praised and weaknesses that can be improved across the board. But there’s one other thing […]

Google Science Fair and Modern Classroom Furniture

Classroom furniture has come a long way over the last decade. And for those of us at, we’ve almost seen it all. What most of us have learned at this point is that the modern classroom is no longer arranged in the way our memories recall it from childhood. Instead of having every Virco […]

Creating a Stellar “Welcome Back” Bulletin Board

The time has come! Teachers greeting students. Students walking halls. Classrooms getting dirty. Everything that educators spend the summer preparing is ready to go. No more preparations. No more waiting. Open the doors and let the new year begin. Many schools set up a bulletin board competition as a way to motivate teachers with incentives […]

Creating an Interactive Classroom with a Projection Plus Board

Over the last twenty years, the prevailing wisdom of education has insisted that children learn best when they are interacting with the subject. Teachers of the 21st Century have truly taken this to heart, finding ways to step back, let children speak up, and do more with their classrooms. A great lesson plan often means […]