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Russwood Library Furniture Supports School Media Centers

Several years ago, school libraries went through an image adjustment, believing that “library” was an antiquated term and that students were doing more than checking out books. In order to revitalize the career of school librarians, the “school library” became the “media center.” Students could check out videos, audio visual material, and yes, they could […]

Visiting Classroom Furniture on Memorial Day

They say Memorial Day marks the end of the school year, but around this point, teachers are still scrambling to wrap up their grades and students are waiting to see if they passed their last Human Biology exam. It’s not over. Not yet at least. Outside the walls of the classroom, Memorial Day will always […]

Virco Open-Front Desk Great for Departmentalization

Years ago, every classroom in every school was considered to be a self-contained learning environment. One teacher would be responsible for the same 20 students (approximately) within each subject area. In other words, if you were a 9-year-old Fourth Grader at Johnson Elementary School, you might have known some of the other teachers on your […]

Unavoidable Pricing on the Virco 785FLT Open-Front Desk

Occasionally, when you find a business or even a restaurant offering “specials,” a red flag goes off in your brain. You ask the obvious question: Is there something wrong with the product or the food that forced them to call it a special? And why not, right? We’ve all heard that “specials” aren’t always so […]